Thursday, October 27, 2016   
Wastewater treatment plant
Aguambiente is specialised in industrial and urban wastewater treatment. Aguambiente design and make the installation of wastewater treatment plants, WWTP and IWWTP in order to give in each case a correct treatment to the waste water, with the propose of the final effluent complies with the characteristics of the correspondent waste.

Aguambiente treats industrial waste water with the assurance that the installations comply with their objectives. We provide a comprehensive service, from preliminary studies to plant operation and final management.

  Compact sewage treatment plants Solutions for problems specific to each industry.
  Compact sewage treatment plants Project and design of WWTP, UWWTP.
  Wastewater Treatment Plant WWTP Discharges Separation and/or destruction of specific contaminants.
  Wastewater Treatment Plant WWTP Discharges Civil Work of the Wastewater treatment plant.
  Compact sewage treatment plants WWTP Discharges Treatment under strict levels of dumping.
  Wastewater Treatment Plant Discharges WWTP Aguambiente Maintenance and operation waste water treatment plant.
  Wastewater Treatment Plant Discharges WWTP Aguambiente Automation and control of the wastewater treatment plant.

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